1, 2, Let’s All Groove!

1, 2, Let's All Groove, rhythm activities for social emotional learning and arts integration

A comprehensive guide that opens the SEL world of rhythm and drumming to educators and facilitators of all kinds!

The new book, 1, 2, Let’s All Groove, is your total resource. No prior musical experience required!  It details the science and theory behind using rhythm, and connects National Music Standards to all activities. It details all you need  to use the learning engagement of rhythm with participants ages 4 to 13+.




1, 2, Let’s All Groove Includes:

  • A lesson plan format
  • Exciting, easy to learn rhythm activities tied to national learning standards
  • Information on all the field tested instruments you need
  • Easy to teach rhythms and rhythm choreography
  • Info on tuning your own internal metronome
  • Science and theories behind using rhythm
  • Learn to facilitate rhythm jams
  • Comprehensive resources
  • Learn to play a djembe
  • FREE MP3 downloads!
  • Western Notation (if you read music – you don’t need to read music to use this book!)
  • 7 x 10, with 188 pages

Plus, links to a massive library of FREE accompanying on-line videos, new activities, and resources, updated constantly. 

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$19.99 for the hard Copy edition
$12.99 for the PDF eBook edition

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Rhythm Activities African BorderRhythm Activities African Border

What People Are Saying About 1, 2, Let’s All Groove:

“This book fills a valuable need in the music publishing landscape. As a complete guide to interactive group drumming and rhythmic activities, it is an amazing resource. From the amateur music lover who wants to find a way to build cohesion in a community, camp, or any group setting to seasoned music educators and drumming facilitators who are looking for new ideas – it presents strategies, games, and concepts that are both practical and proven!”
Dr. Kenyon Williams, Professor of Percussion MN State, Music Educator

“In “1,2, Let’s All Groove”, Kenya Solomon Masala has handed us the key to unlocking the potential in every student, through rhythm based programs. Never before have so many research based models supporting hands on rhythm programs been presented in one place. By the time we get to the artfully crafted & articulated activities, we know exactly ‘why’ and ‘how’ they align with a participant’s musical & personal development. This volume is a true gift to the music education world, and a must have for every teacher and facilitator to keep; not on the shelf, but wide open, ready to access time and time again!”
Dave Holland, Music Educator, Facilitator, Percussionist

“I just wanted to publicly express my gratitude to Kenya Solomon Masala, for the great information, ideas and inspiration he has provided through his book “1, 2, Let’s All Groove”. I recently got into drum circle facilitation, and although I have several other books and videos (from several of the “famous” DCFs; you know who you are), this has quickly become a favorite. It is surprisingly comprehensive, not only with the generous amount of activities, games and rhythms, but also the extra information about theory and standards, great resource links, and even mp3 and video downloads. Special thanks for including actual music notation for the rhythms. And maybe most importantly, your writing style really “spoke” to me in a way that deepened my understanding of the material, which gives me the confidence to move my skills to the next level.”
Johnny Pierce, Facilitator, Percussion Magic

“WOW! Solomon, thank you so much for sharing this AMAZING resource! I’m still digesting all of the information and will need to for awhile. A music teacher of 17 yrs. I love learning more to engage my students in new and exciting ways. I will be telling my fellow music teachers about this for sure! WOW again! “
Nicole Williams, Facilitator, Educator

Rhythm Activities African BorderRhythm Activities African Border

To order your book now, click here. You’ll be taken to our partner site X8 Drums.
$19.99 for the hard Copy edition
$12.99 for the PDF eBook edition

Get the book for free: schedule a training. Learn more…
Rhythm Activities African BorderRhythm Activities African Border
Which book should I buy?
1, 2, Let’s All Groove! offers deeper instruction on integrating rhythm activities and rhythm games with any curriculum.  With the activities in 1, 2, Let’s All Groove!, Rhythm Play! provides a massive treasure trove of even more rhythm activities.  The books are a perfect compliment.