Solomon Masala facilitating1, 2, Let’s All Groove and Rhythm Play! were written by Kenya Solomon Masala
Managing Principal, Source Consulting Group and Director, X8 Interactive Drumming

Founder, co-director and managing principal of Source Consulting Group, K. Solomon Masala is well known for his unique contributions to the field of human development. In his work as a national organizational development consultant, an educator, and youth development consultant, Solomon blends innovative, interactive, kinesthetic processes that guide participants to the deep experience of “learning-that-lasts.”

Whether it’s an educational percussion program, an interactive keynote, an organizational development process, indoor/outdoor adventure experience or a curriculum design project, Solomon ushers groups through the work of deepening and expanding excellence, ultimately inspiring them to celebration.

drum circle facilitator Austin, TXSolomon is the first X8 Drums-endorsed rhythm program facilitator. He also recently produced and directed the powerful Interactive Theatrical Experience: Za Boom Ba!  Solomon has also released two music albums, Soul Journey Groove and Spacious Time and is currently competing a third album in collaboration with Gabriela Masala.

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