Incorporating Drumming into Gifted Education

Parenting a gifted child can be an exceptional adventure in creativity and dedication, perhaps even teaching a parent more than a child. When looking at a child with special “gifts,” there is a challenge involved in creating a way for that child to explore and grow within the area (or, areas) he or she is already excelling. There is also the challenge of allowing these children to experience a sense of normalcy in a world where peers or other adults may not completely understand a child’s maturity in math, music or even soccer, for example. Drumming with kids gives parents, teachers and caregivers the ability to access a gifted child on a different level, while still maintaining a community spirit that is also essential for the overall growth and development of the child.

Different educational theories and practices are devoted to the encouragement and development of gifted children. Many of these try to combine creative thinking with normal academic pursuits, giving gifted children the ability to “think outside the box,” which is a natural product of drumming with kids. Kids who drum are accessing various areas of the brain, stimulating their gifts into greater heights and all other supporting skills simultaneously. Through the combination of music, rhythm and the physical act of drumming, gifted children are not only building further on their own strengths, but, are also given a creative and tactile release, which can be important for reducing anxiety and fears.

For gifted education teachers, a program that includes drumming with kids is in compliance with the Gifted Programming Standards defined by the National Association for Gifted Children. Through drumming, any teacher is able to assess a child’s need for gifted education, develop key milestones in a multicultural setting, evaluate and further increase his or her own contributions to gifted education. All of this benefits gifted children, their teachers and instructors, and the educational environment as a whole.

All in all, the gifts of any child are amazing to behold, and for those children who don’t quite fit the mold, it is important to provide unique activities and pursuits that celebrate individuality. Drumming with kids who are exceptional not only shows your own appreciation of their strengths and challenges, but, it is an activity that will encourage growth in all areas of academics and life beyond the classroom.