Interactive Drumming for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling offers children a lot of benefits when it comes to education, and is a viable alternative to public or private school for families across the country. Since a home education offers the ability to tailor educational goals to each student, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding fun, unique and creative ways to teach curriculum. Drumming with kids brings these methods full circle, with the activity of drumming easily creating an atmosphere of excitement, learning and more.

While many see homeschooling as an activity that occurs in the home, the truth is that many homeschoolers attend group programs with other homeschooled children that help enhance the core curriculum taught at home. These group activities are the perfect place to include drumming into the studies, as the lessons taught in drumming are more than about music and rhythm.

Interactive drumming with kids gives them the ability to communicate with others in the group environment, helping to build a team of kids who may need to feel a sense of belonging with peers. It also gives these kids the chance to explore their own individual creativity and develop a better sense of the self. Discovering the many ways that drums and rhythm combine together is a roadmap for children to see how their own unique contribution is just as valid to the outcome as any other, and, for kids who are home schooled, this realization may allow for a growth in self-esteem as they see their own part reflected in the sum of the whole event.

Additionally to all of the social and personal benefits of interactive drumming with kids, the action of drumming itself can be applied to all sorts of curriculum goals. It is perfect for a hand-on display of time and math, for lessons in culture and history, language arts or the science involved in the drums themselves. And, of course, drumming is music, art and creativity and can be a very important form of self-expression for any child. The lessons that drumming can bring to a homeschooler are limitless, and in a group environment, those lessons can take on a new life for each child.

Homeschooling a child is a challenging experience on all fronts, but, it is these parents and caregivers who are determined to foster their children’s gifts on their own terms. With a little help from some drums and the spirit of adventure, homeschooling kids and teachers may find an interactive and enriching way to learn.

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