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Kids, Communication and Drumming

Kids, Communication and Drumming

Communication is one of the most valuable skills a child can master, from the earliest words of a baby to the graduation speech of a high school valedictorian. Speech, communication and language skills are often used to measure the progress of children through school, and are all necessary skills that will enhance the future prospects of children as they grow into adults. As research has shown, it is these skills that may be surprisingly linked to the study and practice of music and rhythm, and that the beat of a drum may be the key to overcoming communication and language difficulties with children.

For years, music programs have been included in schools for the value they provide as creative outlets and the enhancement of math and other academic skills. Music is a form of communication that depends on rhythm. As such, the act of drumming with kids becomes important as it can be used in a variety of ways to develop and enhance communication and language skills, from reading to speaking and more.

When kids drum, they are stimulating the brain through following a rhythm and the physical act of drumming itself. These students are able to non-verbally communicate a wide range of emotions, explore the expression of their own personalities and ultimately, learn the rhythm of communication with peers and adults. Drumming with kids not only provides an atmosphere for modeling effective communication, but increases the value of speech and language in daily activities. Plus, as a recent study has shown, adolescents that are better able to understand and participate in a rhythm exercise also have a better grasp of language and communication skills.

While communication may come in many forms, it is perhaps the ability to speak clearly and effectively that is one of the most common measures of accomplishment when it comes to academic, social and personal success. Through drumming, rhythm and music programs in our schools, we are helping our children gain valuable skills that will enhance their own ability to understand language and communicate effectively. By continuing to promote these necessary skills, we are encouraging the success of our children throughout school, as well as in the world beyond the classroom.

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