Social Emotional Learning

social emotional learning drumming students SEL, (Social and Emotional Learning) focuses on developing attitudes and skills for managing emotions, achieving goals, developing empathy, maintaining healthy relationships, and making responsible decisions.  These skills are critical to academic and overall life success and are built though engagement in pro-social activities in and out of the classroom.

Interactive drumming and rhythm activities activate behaviors that are core to pro-social development.  To hear the pulse of a rhythm, it takes active listening.  To keep the rhythm steady and  solid, requires a commitment to the group and a sense of responsibility to the whole. The inherent lessons of listening (respect) and creating a groove together (communication and cooperation) are the foundations for excellent relationships – and excellent grooving!

students in an interactive drumming programAnd because it’s drums (or any percussion) and rhythm, students immediately dig it – it has the ‘coolness factor’ needed for engagement. Students activate their internal locus of control and engage fully; they practice pro-social behavior in a way that is natural, playful and fun for everyone.

In rhythm facilitation, we talk about making eye contact and we reinforcing positive behaviors in the moment.  We practice “name it as you see it.” When you see participants being cooperative, respectful, paying close attention, it’s vital to let her/him know it right away. This is the way all learning experiences can develop into skillful ways of living.  1, 2, Let’s All Groove offers full details on applicable developmental theories, and the perfect rhythm activities to accompany.  Read a quick article on Social and Emotional Learning through Rhythm.
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Rhythm Activities African BorderRhythm Activities African Border
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