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We believe: Classroom Management is inversely Related to Learning Energy.™ 
The higher the learning energy (engagement in the lesson at hand), the lower the classroom management. Rhythm ignites learning energy.

In full or half day trainings, we show teachers how to lift the learning energy for all subjects, with useful, relevant and immediately accessible tools and skills. This maximizes the ROI* from our interactive programs and ignites the learning spirit of your entire school community!
*ROI = Return on Investment

Learning Theory and Social Emotional Development 
First we address the learning theory behind rhythm programming so the science is clear.
•  Multiple Intelligences
•  Bloom’s Taxonomy
•  PYD | Positive Youth Development
•  SEL | Social and Emotional Learning

As participants engage the various activities, we show how each is tied to a national learning standard for music education and we make the bridge to SEL learning objectives:
•  Managing emotions,
•  Achieving goals,
•  Developing empathy,
•  Maintaining healthy relationships
•  Making responsible decisions

SEL and rhythm in-service trainingHands-On Groove Training! 
Then, teachers are trained via a series of activities and rhythm games from the field tested books 1, 2, Let’s All Groove, and Rhythm Play, where they learn to facilitate and use rhythm to enhance learning in the daily flow of their classroom. We bring all the drums and percussion needed and each participant leaves with a plethora of new tools for engaging their learners, as well as a copy of 1, 2, Let’s All Groove and Rhythm Play!

Participants learn:

  • Rhythm activities and rhythm games for lesson blocks, brain energizers or transitions
  • To play and use drums and percussion (for non-musicians an musicians alike)
  • To unlock internal rhythm (applicable to students as well!)
  • To teach rhythms patterns and culturally specific rhythms
  • To facilitate rhythm jams

Our training is available nationally for groups of 60 participants per training and it’s always school budget friendly!

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