College Students & Drumming Programs

College Students and Drumming Programs

The college years can be an exciting time for anyone, offering opportunities through education and the chance to meet new and exciting people. Especially with today’s reliance on smartphones and social media to connect with others, making a personal connection with others can be difficult, even for the most social student. While books and papers may be the main priority, creating social connections and strengthening the ties within a college community can have a lasting impact on a student, as well. Drumming with kids and adults in college helps create an opportunity to just that, by bringing people together from a variety of backgrounds and giving them the ability to learn how to work together.

Bringing an interactive drumming program into a college or university encourages a wide range of benefits for the students. It can be an activity of release, helping to calm fears and doubts strictly through the nature of music and rhythm. A college drumming program can help solidify students into a team, offering group development options that assist with creativity, motivation and even understanding of how people can and should work together in the adult world. Drumming as a group brings understanding of cultures that may have never been experienced before. It is insight into an individual and how they are better able to interact within a group, establishing confidence in communication and even a greater purpose for attending the college or university.

Because college life is more than just academics, drumming programs not only invigorate the brain for study purposes, but, these programs can prepare students for the future with work and other community-based relationships. In much the same way as drumming with kids teaches the basics of interaction, communication and youth development, young adults who drum can also learn the same dynamics on a much deeper level. Plus, a unified college campus can provide amazing results for the programs, teams and organizations within. By incorporating an interactive drumming program at a college or university, transitions from academic life into the workforce can be made just a bit easier, and a lot more fun.