Interactive School Assemblies

students in an interactive drumming program

Why is it worth having drums and rhythm? Do these programs have educational relevance and sustained value beyond the session?  Are there specific and legitimate learning outcomes from such programs? Yes.
Schools thrive with powerful, effective, time and cost efficient programs that deliver learning and engage students.  Drumming exceeds every criteria. It’s simple: young people of all ages love to drum. Faces light up when the myriad percussion instruments and drums come out. Even the most disinterested  tune in and engage fully when the rhythm kicks in.

As a responsible educator however, you’d never pay for a drumming experience simply because ‘kids love drums.’ And rightly so.  As an educator, though you’re happy when students love whatever they engage in, the reality is there must be proven outcomes.  And there are.

  • Solid Learning Process  
  • Engaging Affective Development  
  • Multiple Intelligences 
  • Asset Building 
  • Powerful Prevention   
  • Strong Character Education and SEL    
  • Enhancing Academics
  • Multi-Cultural Awareness 

X8 Interactive Drumming is our brand for our exciting percussion programs.  We bring 50 to 500 drums to your school and facilitate powerful sustained learning.  Click here to learn more and see it in action.
Rhythm Activities African BorderRhythm Activities African Border
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students in an interactive drumming program